1999 Grant Recipients

Total Grants Awarded in 1998-1999
Ansel Adams Center for Photography  
  For the High School Docent Program to train students as docents and gain hands on job skills in a museum (matching grant)

Arriba Juntos
  For the Youth Technology Program to train young people in computer and software programs (matching grant)

Bay Area Video Coalition
  For the YouthLink Program to train high school students in digital computer skills, website development and design, 3D modeling and animation (matching grant payable over two years)

Bicycle Community Project
  For the Bike Lab at Galileo High School to teach young people bicycle maintenance and repair fkills (matching grant)

California Academy of Sciences
  For teen internships to explore careers in scientific research in the Behind the Scenes project (matching grant)

California Poets in the Schools
  For general operating support to teach poetry writing and appreciation to San Francisco youth in grades K-12

Cartoon Art Museum
  For a computer skills training program to introduce youth to jobs in the animation industry (matching grant)

Charity Cultural Services Center
  For the Finilies in Transition Summer Job Training Project to provide job training and language skills workshops to Chinese newcomer high school students (matching grant)

Children's Book Project
  For the purchase and distribution of books to children't centers, shelters and schools in San Francisco (payable over two years)

Community Educational Services
  For the Applied Learning and Linages Initiative, a school-to-career program for students at Galileo High School (matching grant)

Coro Foundation
  For the Exploring Leadership summer training program for San Francisco high school juniors and seniors

Enterprise for High School Students
  For the Summer Gardening Program to provide high school students with paid work experiences in planting, pruning and cultivating plants in Golden Gate Park (matching grant)

Jewish Vocational Services

For the Work Lab Program to provide job training and internships to high school students with disabilities
(matching grant payable over two years)

Jobs for Youth
  For general support to promote youth employment opportunities for young people (matching grant)

Junior Achievement of the Bay Area
  For the Junior Achievement Expansion Program for all San Francisco students in grades K-8 (contingent grant)

Make A Circus
  For the Teen Apprentice program to provide hands-on skills in circus production and performance (matching grant)

Marine Mammal Center
  For the Marine Science Discover Program to introduce high school students to careers in environmental sciences, wildlife care and oceanography, (matching grant payable over two years)

National Foundation For Teaching Entrepreneurship
  For the Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance to provide job training activities at San Francisco Educational Services, Bayview Opera House and Girls 2000 (matching grant)

New Conservatory Theatre Center
  For the Youth Scholarship and Vocational Training Program to teach students basic acting skills and fine tune their craft (matching grant)

Performing Arts Workshop
  For the Creative Thinking in the Curriculum project to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills to elementary students
(matching grant)

Ruth Asawa Fund
  For the creation of a large ceramic mural at Alvarado Elementary School

S. R. Martin College Preparatory School
  For scholarships to students in grades 7-12 (payable over two years)
Saint Dominic School
  For support to upgrade the computer lab (matching grant)
St. James School
  For support to upgrade the founteen station computer lab
St. John's Educational Thresholds Center
  For the Urban ArtWORKS program for teenagers to acquire manual and entrepreneurial skills to refurbish used funiture and to operate a gallery to sell their finished products (matching grant)

San Francisco Art Institute
  For scholarships to enable high school students to attend the summer Young Artists Program (matching grant)

San Francisco Educational Services
  For the Work Maturity Program to improve the "soft" and "hard" employment skills of teen youth
(matching grant payable over two years)

San Francisco School of the Arts
  For support of a mainstage musical production to provide students with hands-on training in the perforning arts.

Science Interchange
  For the Teen Environmental Media Network Program to introduce high school students to careers in print and broadcast journalism
(matching grant)

Society for Art Publications in the Americas
  For the Meridian Interns Program to provide teenagers with hands-on skills in operating and managing an art gallery
(matching grant payable over two years)

South of Market Teen Center
  For the purchase of five computer systems to enhance the After-School Program for middle and high school youth (matching grant)

Stanford Jazz Workshop
  For scholarships for San Francisco high school students to attend the Jazz Workshop (matching grant)

Streetside Stories

For expansion of the storytelling programs in San Francisco middle schools to improve reading, writing and critical thinking skills
(matching grant)

Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center
  For the Middle School Program to provide low income youth with adacemic, pre-vocational and personal skills to succeed in high school and beyond (payable over two years)

The Foundation Center
  For the San Francisco field office and library servies to Bay Area nonprofit organizations and grantmakers

The Volunteer Center of San Francisco
  For the Summer Career Exploration Program to provide vocational training to youth with disabilities


Financial Data

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 1999, the fair market value of all foundation assets was $10,243,590.

Grants paid
Grants outstanding