2005 Grant Recipients




Aim High
  For the Aim High Summer Program $15,000  $15,000   
Archbishop Riordan High School
  For the Video Technology Production Program &nbsp
Bay Area Discovery Museum
  For the My Story by the Bay Initiative $10,000  $10,000   
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
  For the Youth Employment Services Program $10,000  $10,000   
California College of the Arts
  For the Young Artists Studio & Pre-College Programs

Children’s Empowerment
  For academic enrichment programs at local high schools and middle schools

Community Learning Center
  For the Homework Club $12,500  $12,500   
Community Music Center
  For the Comprehensive Musicianship Program

Engineer’s Alliance for the Arts
  For the Student Impact Project   $10,000   
Community Learning Center
  For the Homework Club $12,500  $12,500   
Enterprise for High School Students
  For the Job Referral Program $15,000  $15,000   
  For the Children’s Outreach Program $12,500  $12,500   
Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
  For the Health Pathway $18,480  $11,000  $18,480 
  For the Young Women’s Technology Leadership Program

Golden Gate Kindergarten Association
  For student scholarships at Phoebe A. Hearst Preschool

Golden Gate National Parks Association
  For the Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders Program  
Good Samaritan Family Resource Center
  For the Teen Program $20,000  $20,000   
Immaculate Conception Academy
  For the new computer laboratory $10,000    $10,000 
Malcolm X. Academy
  For the Fourth Grade Field Trip Program   $7,500   
Marine Mammal Center
  For the Marine Science Discovery Program $10,000    $10,000 
Math/Science Network
  For the Expanding Horizons Conference $11,000    $11,000 
Mission Learning Center
  For the After School Reading Program $10,000    $10,000 
Mission Science Workshop
  For the Science Workshop Program   $15,000  $10,000 
New Conservatory Theatre
  For the Youth Scholarship & Vocational Training Program
Ohlhoff Recovery Program
  For the Adolescent Program $15,000  $7,500  $7,500 
Out of Site
  For the Architectural Education Program $7,500  $7,500   
Richmond District Neighborhood Center
  For the Community Technology Program $10,000    $10,000 
S.R. Martin College Preparatory School
  For student scholarships $10,000  $10,000   
Saint James School
  For the Computer Lab $15,000  $15,000   
San Francisco Art & Film Program
  For the Film Workshop $15,000  $15,000   
San Francisco Arts Education Project
  For the Apprenticeship Program $10,000  $10,000   
San Francisco Botanical Garden Society
  For the Youth Education Program $10,000  $10,000   
San Francisco Boys Chorus
  For the Chorus Scholarship Program $10,000  $10,000   
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  For the Conservatory in the Schools Program


San Francisco Education Fund
  For the Peer Resources Program $10,000    $10,000 
San Francisco Girls Chorus
  For the Music Education & Performance Program  

San Francisco Maritime Park Association
  For the Age of Sail Program $7,500  $7,500   
San Francisco School of the Arts
  For the Outreach Program $12,500  $12,500   
San Francisco Zoological Society
  For the Junior Zoologist Program   $10,000   
Society for Art Publications of the Americas
  For the Meridian Intern Program $10,000  $10,000   
St. John’s Educational Center
  For the ONWARD Project   $10,000   
Student Conservation Association
  For the Bay Area Conservation Corps   $10,000   
The Foundation Center
  For the San Francisco field office $1,500  $1,500   
The Imagine Bus Project
  For the Arts Education Program $7,500  $7,500   
The Reading Tree
  For the Growing with Books Family Program

Trips for Kids
  For the Re-Cyclery Program   $10,000   
Tule Elk Child Development Center
  For hands-on academic enrichment programs

Young Performers Theatre
  For the Professional Theatre Workshop Program

Youth Radio
  For the Visitacion Valley Community Mapping Video Project


  Grand Total $421,280  $447,800  $129,480