2001 Grant Recipients

Total Grants Awarded in 2000-2001
Aim High
  For the Graduate Placement Coordinator Project
(payable over two years)

Archbishop Riordan High School
  For computer equipment to train students in video production
Bay Area Discovery Museum
  For the Discovery Crew Project
Black Coalition On AIDS
  For the Youth Employment Program
California Academy of Science
  For the careers in Science Program
(payable over two years)

Children's Book Project
  For the purchase and distribution of books
Community Educational Services
  For the School-to-Career Initiative (matching grant)
Community Music Center
  For the Comprehensive Musicianship Program
Enterprise for High School Students
  For the Summer Garening Program
  For the Children's Educational Outreach Program
Francisco Middle School
  For the Electronic Journalism Project
Friends and Foundation of the San Francisco Public Library
  For the High School and Beyond Program (matching grant)
Galileo Academy of Science and Technology
  For the Environmental Science Laboratory Program
(matching grant payable over three years)

Gateway High School
  For the Multimedia Program (matching grant)
Home Away From Homelessness
  For the School House Program (matching grant)
Immaculate Conception Academy
  For the computer Upgrade Inititative
  For the Youth Media Corps Program
(payable over two years)

  For the Artists and Architects in School Program
Life Frames
  For the Organic Gardening and Urban Ecology Program
Marine Mammal Center
  For the Marine Science Discovery Program
Mission Learning Center
  For the After-School Education Program
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  For student scholarships to attend Biz Camp
Performing Arts Reaching to Youth
  For the PARTY Pilot program (matching grant)
Ruth Asawa Fund
  For the Artist in Residence Program
San Francisco Art Institute
  For the Young Artists and Portfolio Development Programs
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  For the Conservatory in the Schools Program
(payable over two years)

San Francisco Girls Chorus
  For the Music Education and Performance Program
San Francisco Zoo
  For the Nature Trail Program
School of the Arts
  For the Service Learning Elective and After School Program
St. Anthony-Immaculate Conception School
  For the Computer Program (matching grant)
Streetside Stories
  For the Story Telling Exchange Program
Student Conservation Association
  For the Urban Diversity and Outreach Program
(payable over two years)

The Foundation Center
  For the San Francisco field office
Tule Elk Park Children's Center
  For the Garden and Environmental Educaiton Program

Financial Data

For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001, the fair market value of all foundation assets was $10,478,366.

Grants paid
Grants outstanding